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To register for an eXPO™ Membership account, you will need the Required Documents List below so you can complete an eXPO Business Account Application. Save the documents on your computer before beginning the application.




A copy of the front and back of a government-issued ID for the Business Contact, Application Signer (if different), all Beneficial Owners, all Beneficial Owners with Significant Authority or Managers.


A copy of the last two Business Tax Forms filed with the IRS. If the business is less than two years old, provide a copy of the last two Personal Tax Forms filed with the IRS by the business owner(s).


A copy of evidence that the business is currently registered to use a Doing Business As (DBA or Trade) name.


A copy of all business registration documents with a municipality, i.e., city, county, state, province, etc. showing that the business is registered in “good standing.”


A copy of business creation or proof of ownership document.


A copy of documents related to revocation of any business license.


Current bank account information, bank name, address, phone number, routing, and account numbers. No documents are required for this item, just the information.


Current and projected sales revenue with the prior two months’ revenue reports.


Chain of Custody document(s) for any legacy cash being deposited into an eXPO™ account.


Letter from CPA verifying legacy cash being deposited into an eXPO™ account.


ATM Service Provider Contract (if applicable).


Name, email address, phone number for any investors who will open an eXPO™ account so that they can fund your eXPO™ business account.


All eCommerce businesses must provide three months of statements showing transaction settlements.






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