The App Works Compliantly Across All Industries

  • Network members exchange their money for eXPO™ Credit (using cash, credit cards or debit cards), and all funds are held in a 100% collateralized account backed by U.S. dollars and insured in U.S. banks.
  • Use eXPO™ Credit to make purchases or pay bills member-to-member inside the network.
  • eXPO™ Credit can be redeemed and used to make payments outside the network as well.

With secure two-step verification, you can rest assured that your eXPO™ account is always protected.


Your eXPO™ membership is completely private with a unique account number that can only be used by you when you log in to your account.


eXPO™is with you no matter where you go, so you can pay who you want, when you want.