Freedom With eXPO™

As an eXPO™ member, you can exchange your money (using cash, credit card or debit card) for eXPO™ Credit. Your money is placed in a 100% collateralized account in U.S. banks, and it is exchanged at the rate of $1 = 1 eXPO™ Credit.
Then, backed by U.S. dollars, you can use your eXPO™ Credit to pay for services and products wherever eXPO™ Credit is accepted. The network is growing, so ask your favorite retailer to begin accepting eXPO™.
You can even pay bills in the same fashion … or move eXPO™ Credit to a family member or friend. If you need to send outside the network, you simply go to your Dashboard, and redeem eXPO™ Credit, and send the funds to anyone … anywhere. You choose whether to send as an ACH (directly to an account) an eCheck or a wire (fees for sending outside the network start as low as $1.50 for most transactions).