A Wide Range Of Features For Consumers

Whether you’re unbanked, don’t want to risk walking around with a wad of cash or enjoy paying for things with a wave of your phone, eXPO™ is for you.

No bank account?
No problem.

Now there’s eXPO™ – financial services you can bank on. Buy products and services, pay bills or share funds with family or friends. You’ll even earn discounts at over 1,200 online retailers you shop with every day when you use your eXPO™ account.

eXPO™ Credit can be redeemed outside the network as well.

When you need to go outside the network, just go to the dashboard, and redeem eXPO™ Credit for payment through a variety of electronic payment options. It’s fast and easy. (Fees for sending outside the network start as low as $1.50 for most transactions.)

eXPO™ Credit is exchanged for products & services inside the network.

The eXPO™ network is growing, and freedom from cash is coming to all who become eXPO™ members. Speak with your favorite retailer. Let them know that eXPO™ brings people and the places they shop together … with financial services everyone can bank on.

eXPO™ works from mobile devices
(iOS and Android) and online.

On your phone or other mobile device … or on a laptop or desktop, your eXPO™ account is with you anytime … and anywhere you’re online.

Rest Easy With eXPO™
eXPO™ Credit is backed by insured U.S. dollars … in U.S. banks. eXPO™ is a compliant, innovative FinTech solution, and it is U.S.-based and offered through financial institution registration with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
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